Yoga as Self-Care for Autoimmune Conditions

yoga as self-care for autoimmune conditions

Would you like to know how yoga can be used a powerful self-care tool for autoimmune conditions? Read on!

Autoimmune conditions are many and very different between one another. If you suffer from an autoimmune condition it might involve many different symptoms. Some of these illnesses are specific to a certain area of the body (such as those that affect the thyroid gland) others are more generalised conditions (such as Lupus). Autoimmune diseases are usually more prevalent in the female population and are often diagnosed between the age of 20 and 50 years old.

Most of the more generalised autoimmune conditions will affect the joints. Lupus tends to be one of the most widespread ones. As such, it can affect not only the joints but almost all other bodily systems (including the skin, heart and kidneys).

In additions, these conditions are not linear. They tend to have periods of remission and times of flare up. Therefore, I tend to suggest a practice depending on the condition and whether you are symptom free or going through a flare-up.

When you are symptom free, you will perhaps find that you can practice most types of exercise. However, during flare-ups, when we are tired and achy, we want to practice slower, more restorative practices. I usually recommend styles such as a gentle hatha or a supported yin yoga practice.

You can try this practice if you are currently going through a flare-up.

Yoga as Self-Care for Autoimmune Conditions

If you are not currently experiencing a flare-up you can check any other video on my YouTube Channel.

So… how can Yoga help?

There is no cure for Lupus (or any other autoimmune condition), the goal is the manage the symptoms and bring the illness into remission. Usually this is obtained by a combination of anti-inflammatories and other drugs that tend to suppress the immune system. This is because in autoimmune conditions the immune system over-works and this is what causes the chronic inflammation.

Since yoga (and especially slower styles) has been shown to decrease inflammation, it is the perfect practice for the autoimmune sufferer. In addition, these conditions often cause joint stiffness, and yoga helps keep the body supple and flexible. Lastly, autoimmune diseases are different for everyone, and yoga is a highly adaptable practice.

Find a style that works for your body, make sure you have lots of props to support you and give yoga a go!

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