Yoga for Neck Shoulder & Upper Back

Yoga for Neck Shoulder & Upper Back

This Yoga for Neck, Shoulder & Upper back is a short, 10 minute practice you can do from seated. Just take a break from work to more your body in a nurturing, nurishing way.

This class is great for desk and office workers, or those that need to lifts heavy objects. All of these jobs can create a built up of tension and discomfort around the aread of the neck, shoulders and upper back and these stretches might help relieve that tension.

You can also use other tools to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back. As a lot of the pain there might also be caused by stress and built up tension over the weeks, months or even years. I suggest trying meditating a few minutes a day – 5 minutes would be a great start!

You can also find other free resources on my YouTube channel, including a self-massage for your neck that you can find by clicking here, a Yin Yoga with self-massage class here, a Yin Yoga for the Upper Back here and even a Yoga Flow here.

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I hope this information helps.

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