Yoga for back care

Do you experience back discomfort or chronic back pain? Do you want to practice yoga in a way that is nourishing for your back?

Than this is the course for you!

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common chronic conditions with 80% of adults experiencing it at some point in their life? Many people feel like back pain impact their daily life.

Use this course to learn shorter and longer sequences for your back, to aid mobility and strength, but also explore the breath and relaxation.

These exercises and techniques are not only the ones I have learned through my trainings, but also through personal experience. Having suffered of chronic back pain myself (due to my scoliosis), these are some of the techniques I use often to stay well and mobile.

If you are wondering: why should I sign up and who is she? I hold many different certifications, including Yoga for Back Care, Postural Assessment and Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy (Level 5). Years of experience with my own pain and with clients have thought me a lot, and now I want to share my knowledge with you!

But don’t take my word for it.

Ally says: “Bea is a great yoga teacher, she is caring and knowledgeable and she’s really helped support my spinal condition with yoga.”

Kristin says: “Bea is great. I started with her yoga for the spine video and I am hooked! Perfect instructions for beginners like me.”


The course includes 10 videos that can help you find nourishing movement for back discomfort.

These include: an introduction to the breath, gentle stretches that will help your discomfort, strength and mobility, movement on a chair, a self-massage video and even 2 full 45-minute classes. You will also have access to a useful PDF to keep track of how your back feels.

For a limited time only.