A Free Course for tension & Stress

Do you feel stressed at work or in your daily life? Perhaps this stress is also reflected on your body, building tension in your neck and shoulders, back or hips. Tension and stress affect so many of us and often what we need is some time for ourselves, to slow down and feel into our body as well as mind and emotions.

Sign up to this completely free course and you will receive a link to 5, 1 hour classes in my private Facebook Group. They will be there for you to take any time you want and you can even take them over and over again.

You will also be part of a community where you can connect with me and ask any question you like.

If you are wondering: why should I sign up and who is she? I hold many different certifications, including over 100 hours of  Yin Yoga, Postural Assessment and I hold an Advanced Certificate in Clinical Massage Therapy (Level 5). Years of experience with my own stress & tension and with clients have thought me a lot, and now I want to share my knowledge with you!

But don’t take my word for it!

Hannah says: “Bea leads the best yoga class. She encourages holding postures for longer and has a beautifully calming energy.”

Vicky says: “I have been practicing Hatha and Vinyasa style classes for a few years but had never tried Yin before so I thought I’d give it a go. It is a slower pace than I’m used to but I’ve noticed after only two sessions any tension from sitting at the desk ease, and generally feeling a wonderful overriding sense of calm.