Yin Yoga for Sore Neck and Tight Shoulders

Yin Yoga can be of great help for a sore neck and tight shoulders. Even though we often practice Yin Yoga from the waist down, I love practicing it to relieve tensions and discomfort in my upper body.

And since neck and shoulders tend to be a sore spot for many of us (me included!), I have just release a FREE video that you can access at any time, wherever you are and however often you want.

Yin Yoga for Sore Neck and Tight Shoulders

Yin Yoga For Neck & Shoulders Tension

Yin Yoga is the perfect antidote to sitting all day typing away at the desk, to office work and general pain and tension in the neck and shoulders. Great to practice this yin yoga sequence at your lunch break or in the evening to ease the neck and shoulders before going to sleep.

You can find even more videos for your neck and shoulders here.

If you need more help, I can help you 1-to-1. In person in Worthing or online, from wherever you are in the world. Find out more here and here.

I hope you enjoy this class. Would be lovely to hear from you soon!

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