Middle Back Exercises: best yoga for back pain

middle back exercises

These middle back exercises with help you with mid-back stiffness and pain and will also have a trickle down effect. In fact, they may help relieve lower back discomfort as well as neck and shoulder discomfort.

Mid-back pain is usually a self-limiting symptom due to a variety of different reasons -usually benign. However, sometimes back pain can point to other, more concerning conditions. If you experience severe back pain that aggravates with movement, if you experience pain and weakness down both legs, bowel or bladder disfunction, make sure to see a medical professional for assessment and further testing.

The most common cause of mid-back and general back pain is chronic tension and stiffness. Previous minor injuries might also contribute to the discomfort. These middle back exercises will help if you are someone that sits at the desk for long hours, drives a lot, has experienced chronic tension as well as perhaps stress and anxiety. If you don’t move much, these gentle exercises are perfect to start!

In case of chronic tightness and tension you can also accompany these middle back exercises with some self-massage. Moreover, often chronic pain and tensions are aggravated by stress and anxiety. The video below contains both a self-massage technique and a relaxing release using a yoga bolster.

This relaxing release will stretch out the chest, which often is tight and tender in those affected by mid and upper back pain.

Once you start to find relief from these exercises and massage, make sure to also strengthen the back. Strength training is a very important part of keeping out of pain and relieving chronic pain and tension. As always, make sure that you are mindful about your movement and that you do train when you feel rested and relaxed.

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