Low Back Pain & Hips: a close relationship

low back & hips pain

Do you experience low back and hips pain? Or maybe you experience low back pain accompanied by hip stiffness and discomfort? The relatioship between low back and hips might be closer than you think!

Low back pain is usually multifactoral and the hips can be a major contributor to the pain. In most cases it is often difficult to identify the cause of the pain and it is smart to investigate what is going on at the hip. In case of pain, it is important to assess the joints above and below the pain. In this case even more, as hips and low back share multiple muscles: psoas, quadratus lomborum, erector spinae, gluteus maximus etc.

This means that a strain of one of these muscles main contribute to pain in both sites.

This is why I have decided to film a Yin Yoga sequence that includes postures that work on all of these muscles.

FREE Yin Yoga for Hips & Low Back

What to do next about your low back (and/or hip) pain

If your pain is so much so that it affects everyday life and your usual activities make sure you get assessed and treated by a good specialist. If your pain is chronic do not hesitate to contact me. You can find my contacts here. I provide assessments both online and in clinic in Worthing. If your pain has come on suddenly and it feels like sharp, shooting pain, make sure to see your GP, Specialist Doctor or Physiotherapist.

Find out more about my services here.

Learn more about the relationship between low back and hips in these two studies:



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