How to Massage Your Back with a Tennis Ball

how to massage back with tennis ball

Massage is such a great way to ease tensions and pain around the body; and it is especially effective in the treatment of chronic back pain. Although I believe that we can’t substitute a massage from a skilled therapist; you can reap some of the benefits of massage at home, in between sessions, by using a simple tennis ball.

The tennis ball has the same effect of a foam roller, with the difference that you can use it more specifically to treat trigger single muscles and trigger points – which are hyperirritable spots in the skeletal muscle. When these spots form we can experience not only pain in the local area, but also referred pain that is further away from the trigger point.

You can use the following video to learn how to treat specific muscles in the low back.

Video: How to Massage Your Back with a Tennis Ball

how to massage your back with a tennis ball

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