Yin Yoga Benefits for Physical & Emotional Health

Yin Yoga Benefits for Physical & Emotional Health

Discover the benefits of yin yoga for physical and emotional health. In this article you will llearn the benefits as well as 3 guided practices: Yin Yoga for the Side Body, Yin Yoga for the Front Body and Yin Yoga for the Back Body.

Yin Yoga is a beautiful practice, away from the search for aesthetics that we often find on social media nowadays. In fact, the approach to Yoga that is typical of Yin Yoga might be a lot closer to the original practice, designed to prepare the body to sit in meditation.

As Bernie Clarke rightly points out in his article A Scientific Basis for Yin Yoga (which I highly recommend reading), most of the studies done on yoga employ shorter holds compared to a Yin Yoga practice. “Since we can not point to any Yin Yoga specific studies, we have to extrapolate from studies that look at the effects of longer held stresses on the connective tissues. Fortunately, there are a few studies available.”

Most of these studies demonstrate the physical benefits of the practice. However, yin yoga benefits are both physical and emotional.

So.. what are these benefits?

The Benefits:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Growth of bones and their associated ligaments
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved physiological functions
  • Soft tissue release (just like a good massage and especially Myofascial Release!)
  • Increased relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Makes meditation more accessible
  • Helps regulate the nervous system

3 free classes for you to explore the benefits!

Yin Yoga for the Side Body

Yin Yoga for the Front Body

Yin Yoga for the Back Body

You can find more information and practices here on my blog. You can find a few I’d suggest trying underneath.

Yin Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

Yin Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

Yin Yoga for Digestion

Please, if you decide to practice with me do let me know how you feel afterwards.

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